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Thank you for Joining Us.  We offer Dedicated Streaming, True Spec 4k Long Labia Movies with Handpicked Amateur Long Labia Models, Downloadable HD Image and HD Video Capture .zips.  Experience the difference!

Thank You for Supporting This Niche!

Real Amateur Long Labia Models

I handpick each and every Long Labia Babe before she is invited to work with us.  I love being able to show the world the real beauty of these long labia/big pussy female vixens!

Handpicked Pussy

I believe that the bigger the pussy, the better.  I cannot get off to women pretending to suck on a pussy that looks like a butt crack.  I need lips, folds and lots of vaginal fluid for them to drink from.

Dedicated Xeon Cloud Server

Whatever device you have, you’ll be streaming on a 1.5 Gb uplink, and we’ve got an 8 core Xeon processor with 32 Gb of DDR 5 RAM serving up the hottest lesbian tit worship on the internet, 24/7!

Crystal Clear 4k Streaming

I shoot, exclusively with the Go Pro Hero 7 Black and the iPhone XS Max with modded lenses.  All video is spec, 6 mb/sec for 1080p and 15 mb/sec for 4k video running at 29.97 to 60 fps HDR footage, as of December 2018.

Areas of Concentration

I really don’t have a preference with age, but I do judge who’s here or not, depending on how big those labia are.  I love long labia or women with big pussies, for the girls to suck on and feed from.

Labia Lesbians for All

I believe that these concepts should come at a very affordable price to true long labia lesbian fetishists, for this niche community at large.  This is my ethos.

We are Gathering Content

I upload full updates every Sunday evening.  Whether those are full length movies or complete 4k image sets.  We are currently gathering brand new kink, just for you!

The Power of the Afterdarkkmedia Network

In addition to our Exclusive Amateur Foot Babes, occasionally, you will also see some of your favorite Busty and A List Adult Actresses on these pages as well, showing off they’re cute feet, since we take on different projects from time to time.

Long Labia Lesbians
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