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Long Labia Lesbians

Hey everyone.  I have been a fan of long labia and long labia lesbians, ever since I got the chance to behold and make love to one, for the first time in high school.  This girl had about 3″ labia that I could make balloon animals out of if I had wanted too, they were so goddamn big.  This site is a shrine to the long labia niche, which isn’t that big, mind you.  But we wanted to get in on the bottom floor, so to speak, so we could provide you with some of the hottest labia out there in the world today.

Long Labia Archives

We do our Updates through Series

What is a “Series”?  Well Series are a time where we book models and shoot our assess off for 9-11 months at a time.  I operate 5 membership sites as well as numerous directories and time just doesn’t allow, until I can do this full time which is my fucking dream.  That being said, there can be gaps between updates.  One of the reasons that the price of admission is so low.  You can see what series we are on, by looking below.

Series OneOnline – 5 girl/girl labia worship sets / 18 labia babes

Series TwoOnline – 4 girl/girl labia worship sets / 3 labia babes

Series Three(Coming Soon) – 20 girl/girl labia worship sets / 20 labia babes

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Long Labia Lesbians
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